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    Standard Package - Standard

    The most basic package in the LLumar product range. Standard package has AIR75 windshield film and LAN 10 (dark color code) / LAN 30 (light color code) side film with indicators that meet the most basic insulation needs of customers.

    Insulation standards

    Standard package has relatively good insulation with Nano Ceramic AIR75 technology driving glass film, 99% UV protection and high light transmission ratio to help ensure visibility while driving. LAN10 / LAN30 rib film with a total heat resistance of up to 55% ensures a standard level for vehicle insulation.

    Competitive price

    Compared to other products in the same segment, LLumar’s Standard package has a high use value compared to the cost that customers have to spend.

    Genuine electronic warranty

    Genuine electronic warranty and customer care are only available at LLumar for a period of 5 years. Make sure the insulation film on the car is always operating in the best way.

    Price list
    Price list of 4-5 seats car
    5.400.000 đ
    Price list for 7-seat car
    6.200.000 đ