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  • Llumar pack 70
    Top favourite

    LLumar 70 is one of LLumar’s most popular products, with many outstanding features compared to other film lines on the market. Using multi-layer Nano Ceramic technology, providing outstanding heat insulation, effectively reducing glare. In addition, the film has no metal components, which eliminates the effect of wave propagation on electronic devices.

    Outstanding performance

    The LLumar 70 blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays and reduces heat by up to 60%, creating a more comfortable environment for passengers and protecting the vehicle’s interior.

    Reduced glare, added privacy, discreetness – available in a soft charcoal color that enhances vehicle luxury inside and out with 5% to 7% reflectivity, this new film package adds a touch of extravagance. privacy for passengers and valuables while reducing glare by up to 94%.

    Friendly to electromagnetic waves

    With a metal-free film composition, it eliminates the influence of electronic devices such as phones, GPS, smart door locks, radio waves or automatic toll collection systems, … LLumar 70 ensures ensure the smooth operation of the machinery on the vehicle.

    Genuine electronic warranty

    Genuine electronic warranty and customer care are only available at LLumar for a period of 10 years. Make sure the insulation film on the car is always operating in the best way.

    Price list
    Price list for 4-5 seats car
    Price list for 7-seat car