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    Premium Package - Premium

    Is the 2nd film package in the Basic product line of LLumar. Premium package owns many products with diverse features. In which, there are 2 codes of windshield film AIR65 and AIR80, 4 codes of frame film ATR 05ST, ATR 18ST, ATN 20 and ATN 35 to meet all customers’ needs.

    Meet all needs

    The Premium package is very diverse in terms of products. In which each type of film meets the different needs of customers. 2 Nano Ceramic technology driving glass film codes AIR65 and AIR80 provide 2 options for anti-glare and optimal visibility. The ATR side window film maximizes privacy, extremely low light transmission and total heat resistance up to 68%, while the ATN film has high transparency, providing the maximum viewing experience for the vehicle.

    Competitive price

    Compared to other products in the same segment, LLumar’s Premium package has a high use value compared to the cost that customers have to pay.

    Genuine electronic warranty

    Genuine electronic warranty and customer care are only available at LLumar for a period of 07 years. Make sure the insulation film on the car is always operating in the best way.

    Price list
    Price list of 4-5 seats car
    7.900.000 đ
    Price list for 7-seat car
    8.900.000 đ