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llumar . Home Window Film

LLumar Home Window Film has a variety of colors, eliminates 99% of ultraviolet rays, 80% of infrared rays, blocks from 50-80% of the sun’s heat, protects the health of people and furniture. indoors, make the house cooler, save electricity for the air conditioner, do not obstruct the view to the outside like blinds and curtains. ​


LLumar window film is the first choice to protect your home and family’s health from the effects of the sun. In addition, LLumar film also has the ability to withstand the weather in Vietnam, ensuring your home is always best protected.


Business owners who want to find insulation solutions for glass in offices, factories, factories … then LLumar is a wise choice. Not only providing absolute insulation efficiency, LLumar also offers optimal efficiency in terms of installation and maintenance costs as well as durable service time.